NBC Cancels Animal Practice

NBC announced today that it is canceling the new sitcom Animal Practice.  We can’t say this cancellation is much of a surprise – the show was not good, and we even alluded to its cancellation numerous times.

Dr. Coleman and his monkey on Animal Practice.

Animal Practice focused on the doctors of an animal hospital and starred Justin Kirk and Joanna Garcia Swisher.  Oh, and it also starred a monkey.  That’s right – Crystal, a Capuchin monkey, starred as Dr. Coleman’s (Kirk) assistant.  As the details about the show comes out, it certainly becomes easier to see why the show was cancelled.  Here’s what Sitcom Nation wrote about the pilot episode of Animal Practice:

“It wouldn’t be surprising if this new medical-related comedy doesn’t stay on the air for very long.  Not only was the pilot shallow, but it provided very few laughs.” (NBC Premieres New Pilots Early)

NBC aired the Animal Practice pilot after the Olympics, well before the rest of the season kicked off.  Perhaps NBC was hoping the strong lead-in would help keep the show alive, but not even high initial views could help.  Animal Practice‘s ratings dropped continuously, and it was only a matter of time before the show was pulled.

A bizarre scene from the now-cancelled sitcom Animal Practice.

The last episode will air on Wednesday, November 7.  Starting November 14, the time slot will be filled by NBC’s sophomore comedy Whitney.  NBC planned to air the second season of Whitney on Friday nights starting this Friday, but the network decided to hold the second season premiere in case it was needed to fill in for a cancelled show.  While Whitney is not the greatest show either, it is  interesting and funny when compared to Animal Practice (and at least it has a legitimate premise).

Guys With Kids, another freshman comedy on NBC which airs after Animal Practice, will remain on the air for now.

Did you watch Animal Practice?  Are you happy to see it go?

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